Jackpot City, the NZ online casino taking flak for dubious practices

Many online gambling lovers in New Zealand have fallen victims of virtual casinos promising to multiply their money, making them millionaires in a matter of minutes. This has happened to a large number of vulnerable gamblers, despite the country having strict regulations in place when it comes to online gambling. Jackpot city has managed to go around these strict rules. In October 2017, a complaint about Jackpot City reached the Advertising Standards Authority. This is because the site was making advertisements and yet it is illegal to advertise any gambling activity in New Zealand.

This is the ad shown on New Zealand Television

Given that it costs a lot of money to advertise on television, it is suspicious how Jackpot City manages to cater to the expense. This is because Jackpotcity.net, the site being promoted does not have any ads or an option to pay to play. However, if you search for “Jackpot City” on Google, there are results for only jackpotcity.com and jackpotcitycasino.com. Jackpotcity.net is nowhere to be found!

Jackpotcity.net vs Jackpotcitycasino.com

The left image is showing jackpotcity.net and the right is showing jackpotcitycasino.com

Jackpot City is operated by Belle Rock Entertainment group and is among the top five online casinos in New Zealand. It is easy to sign up for. After signing up, you are offered a large number of casino games, with promising bonuses such as no deposit free spins (https://www.crispygamer.com/free-spins-no-deposit/). If you are lucky to win, withdrawals stay pending for a whole 24 hours. If you withdraw your money after 5 am on a Thursday, it remains in the account till Monday at the same time. In between these times, you can choose to reverse the withdrawal and continue playing. If you lose (which happens almost all the time), you are offered a better casino bonus, tempting you to deposit more cash. Jackpot City is not alone using these practices, but these days, it’s more of a standard in the online casino community.

Paula Snowden CEO of Problem Gambling Foundation

Paula Snowden CEO of Problem Gambling Foundation

Paula Snowden, who is the CEO of the Problem Gambling Foundation, has adopted a strong stance against Jackpot City, saying that it does not operate according to the regulations of the Gambling Act. The DIA says that the online casino is located outside of New Zealand, which is the reason it is exempt from New Zealand’s gambling regulations. Gamblers from New Zealand use the site at their own risk since they are not protected by the country’s laws. Legal experts say that the whole problem is political. They question the fact that the online casino continues to advertise on the country’s televisions. More information about Jackpotcitycasino can be found at https://www.casinoreviews.net.nz/jackpotcitycasino/