A man drowns – Touliki public swimming pool closed

A 41 year old man drowned in a public swimming pool Tuesday 31, December 2013 in Nuku’alofa .

Silivenusi Moala of Fatumu who resided in Fangaloto was pulled out of the public swimming pool at Ma’ofanga (where Touliki is).

Deputy and Acting Commissioner ‘Unga Fa’ao told Kaniva News the deceased was with his five children swimming in the pool.

“While they were at the swimming pool the kids recognized there was something wrong with their father and they called for assistance from other swimmers were around at that time,” Fa’ao said.

“The deceased was taken from the pool and rushed to Vaiola Hospital by ambulance. He was announced dead on arrival by the doctor was on duty at that time.

The resident pathologist at Vaiola Hospital Dr Seventeen Toumo’ua has identified the cause of death is suffocation,” the Deputy and Acting Police Commissioner said.

Another man who was with the deceased in the pool said Moala consumed too much sea water as he struggled

A source said there was no CPR performed on Moala even when the paramedics arrived shortly.

The source also said there are deep areas in the swimming pool that may not be safe for those who could not be able to swim.

There is no water safety or warning sign at the site to warn the public, the source said.

Meanwhile, Tonga’s Port of Authority has announced on its website the closure of a swimming pool at Touliki.

“To all members of the public and users of the swimming pool at Touliki please be advised that effective today, 2nd of January 2014, the Swimming pool will be temporarily closed down for maintenance until further notice,” the announcement says.

Kaniva News has been unable to confirm whether there was a link between the closure of the pool with Moala’s death.

We requested more information from the Port of Authority and will have an update as its comments become available.